Increase Your Living Space by Renovating Your Basement…

The basement is often neglected and regarded as a dank, dull place though it can be renovated to increase living space. This process requires good planning, imagination and investment in both time and money as well as the expertise of a good contractor. It’s a win-win situation because at the end of the day, your home’s resale value increases.

Why you should hire a professional

Most people who choose to undertake a basement renovation project tend to attempt DIY (do-it-yourself). Never assume that since you are skilled in carpentry, plumbing or painting, you can tackle the routine on your own. A pro will always do it better. In fact they will offer you a warranty on the repairs. With a company like Planit Builders you can be assured of good results. As a matter of fact, they have been BBB accredited since 05/11/2008. This means that they offer top-notch services and respond fast to complaints filed against them.

Getting the project rolling

The first step in basement renovation in planning. Here, you are expected to contact the contractor for a quote after which you analyze what needs to be done where. Always remember to work within the limits of your budget. Get all the materials needed on the walls, ceiling and floor. Next, clear the basement and stack all items in boxes then seal electric sockets to prevent paint from clogging them.

Toying with different options

Basement renovation can involve anything – from waterproof flooring to lighting to painting to installation of drywalls. If you notice that your basement is prone to high levels of moisture then consider waterproof flooring. This protects your rugs and carpets from mold. Since basement ceilings are low, you can have mirrors placed in strategic places to create an illusion of depth or have the floor excavated. The paintjob and other decorations come in later on. Contact Planit Builders today if you have any questions about basement renovations.