Calgary Basement Development: What If I Don’t Know What To Do With My Basement?

CaptureTypically, basements are dark, cold and moldy. Here at PLANit Builders, we challenge this with what we do, every single day.

If you own a basement and are interested in remodeling it, you don’t have to know yet what you want to do with it. The fact that you are here and willing to learn more already speaks for itself. As long as you are tired of seeing such a massive amount of space in your house go to waste, you are already on the right track to turning your basement into the basement of your dream… even if you don’t know exactly what that “dream” entails.

Each year we visit hundreds of basements. As a result, we know what people generally want. From personal in-home gyms to guest bedrooms, we’ve seen it all. Sure, we like to say that the sky is the limit when it comes to Calgary basement development, but the truth is that the options aren’t limitless. Don’t get us wrong though — it’s a good thing! It makes the process of deciding what to turn your basement into a lot less difficult.

Here’s what we recommend that you do: Browse the web for some inspiration. Basement development has really picked up recently, and not only in Calgary. Chances are that you’ll probably come across an idea that you really, really like. And maybe another one. Write these ideas down, and take some time to ask yourself what you like more. Practicality or entertainment? What about a mixture of both?

You get the drift. Just remember — take your time and plan well. And at the end of the day, you can always ask us for some help, too. :-)


Protect Your Basement from Bugs


You won’t be surprised to hear that bugs love basements. But what exactly attracts those pesty little creatures? And how can you protect your basement from them? While calling on the help of professionals to remodel your basement is always the best idea, we understand that not everyone has the budget to do so. In those cases, taking basic preventive measures is the wisest choice.

Contrary to popular belief, bugs are not only found in dirty, unkempt basements. What basement bugs like the most is a humid and dark area. So that’s right: It’s not because you a slob, it’s because your unfinished basement is the perfect target. The first thing that you will therefore have to do if you want to get rid of basement bugs is to completely rid your basement of any moisture. Generally, installing a dehumidifier does the trick. If this is not enough to fix your problem, you might be interested in reading about the different options that this tutorial offers.

The second thing that you will have to do in order to eliminate those bugs is to seal any holes that you find around your basement. It is likely that insects use those holes to crawl into your basement. During the elimination process, avoid storing furnitures in your basement. Afterwards, try to keep the area as clean and clutter-free as possible. Vacuuming your basement twice a month might also prove to be a good idea.

If you are suffering from a serious infestation, we don’t recommend buying commercial bug sprays as they can be toxic to you and your family. Instead, spend some time researching natural products that work as well, if not better, than those sprays. If nothing fixes your problem, it might be time to call on the help of professionals.

Increase Your Living Space by Renovating Your Basement…

The basement is often neglected and regarded as a dank, dull place though it can be renovated to increase living space. This process requires good planning, imagination and investment in both time and money as well as the expertise of a good contractor. It’s a win-win situation because at the end of the day, your home’s resale value increases.

Why you should hire a professional

Most people who choose to undertake a basement renovation project tend to attempt DIY (do-it-yourself). Never assume that since you are skilled in carpentry, plumbing or painting, you can tackle the routine on your own. A pro will always do it better. In fact they will offer you a warranty on the repairs. With a company like Planit Builders you can be assured of good results. As a matter of fact, they have been BBB accredited since 05/11/2008. This means that they offer top-notch services and respond fast to complaints filed against them.

Getting the project rolling

The first step in basement renovation in planning. Here, you are expected to contact the contractor for a quote after which you analyze what needs to be done where. Always remember to work within the limits of your budget. Get all the materials needed on the walls, ceiling and floor. Next, clear the basement and stack all items in boxes then seal electric sockets to prevent paint from clogging them.

Toying with different options

Basement renovation can involve anything – from waterproof flooring to lighting to painting to installation of drywalls. If you notice that your basement is prone to high levels of moisture then consider waterproof flooring. This protects your rugs and carpets from mold. Since basement ceilings are low, you can have mirrors placed in strategic places to create an illusion of depth or have the floor excavated. The paintjob and other decorations come in later on. Contact Planit Builders today if you have any questions about basement renovations.