What Can I Expect From PLANit Builders?

BasementWhen it comes to Calgary basement development, we already established on numerous occasions that hiring a Calgary basement development company to renovate your basement is often the best (and only way) to go. We’ve also established that hiring PLANit Builders to take care of it might be an option worth looking into. What we haven’t established yet, however, is what exactly hiring us would bring you… or what you can expect from working with us.

Of course, we’d like to say “quality”, “knowledge” and “stellar customer service”. While you would in fact receive all of these things (and more) while working with us, listing those things does very little to explain the actual process of developing your basement. As a result, we’ve decided to make it a little bit clearer for you.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what you can expect from PLANit Builders:

  • Free in-home estimation. It begins with a free in-home estimation that you are more than welcome to request any time you wish. As we have said before, our in-home estimate comes with no obligation whatsoever and is available on weekends as well as evenings.
  • A team of experienced architects: Our architects have years of experienced designing basements. Working with us means that you will be lucky enough to work with them as well. During the planning process, you will have the final say, but our architects will be there to offer you advice. Before the construction process we will also take care any renovation permits required by the city of Calgary.
  • A team of experienced builders: Our builders, just like our architects, have years of experience under their belts. While renovating your basement they will be sure to treat your home and family with the utmost respect. They will also pay attention to any questions or worries that you may have.
  • Flexible financing options: Lastly, PLANit Builders offers flexible Calgary basement development financing options. If you are interested to learn more about those options, feel free to request your free in-home estimation today or to drop us a line whenever you can.