What Are the Benefits of Developing Your Basement in Calgary?


Have you been bitten by the basement development bug? Well you aren’t the only one, that’s for sure!

In the last few years, basement development has become more and more popular in Calgary. This is not surprising, at least when considering the vast freedom that it offers people. Because that’s right — basement development offers freedom, one of the many benefits associated with this “trend”.

But the good news is that there are many, many other benefits associated with it. By relying on the help of a Calgary basement development company such as PLANit Builders you will be able to discover them all.

Freedom aside, renovating your basement allows you to (obviously) enjoy your basement more. Whether you decide to turn it into something useful or something entertaining, you will no doubt find a better use for your basement regardless of which path you decide to take.

As we said before, the sky is the limit when it comes to basement development!

Another benefit that should never be overlooked is the way a developed basement increases the overall value of a house — assuming that you end up selling it down the road, of course. And as you probably already know, the more years pass, the more valuable your property becomes. So in a way, you can probably label basement development as a type of investment and get away with it! :-)

So if you are interested in remodelling your basement there is most likely no reason why you should not do it. Not only is it fun — it’s also incredibly rewarding in both the short and long run.

Calgary Basement Financing Options: Where Can I Learn More About Them?

looking-up-1511545Let’s be honest — Calgary basement development can be expensive. It’s expensive when you do it alone and it’s even more expensive when you hire professionals to take care of it.

The good news, however, is that several companies of the likes of PLANit Builders offer financing options to people like you.

We know that financing options tend to have negative connotations among certain people. Not everyone likes the idea of being “tied down” to a contract — much less when that contracts extends for several years. Now we don’t know whether you belong to the aforementioned group of people. This is something that only you can tell. But if you are here, chances are that you are at least slightly interested in learning more about the financing options that are available to you — and to that we say bravo.

If you live in Calgary, you have numerous options to choose from. Among them is PLANit Builders, a professional company specializing in Calgary basement development as well as garage development. Unlike other companies, PLANit Builders believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the basement of their dreams, regardless of whether they can afford it or not.

To make this possible they have decided to start offering financing options to their clients. By partnering with bank-financed lenders they are ultimately able to approve 90% of their clients. They can approve you if:

  • You own your home;
  • Are currently employed;
  • Can afford low monthly payments;
  • And are interested in basement development.

For more information, refer to the website linked above.

Do I Need a Permit to Develop My Basement In Calgary?

HeatingA question that most people tend to ask themselves when they first hear about basement remodeling in Calgary is this one:

Do I need a permit to develop my basement?

The answer to that question is a yes. The bad news, however, is that it can be a bit tricky… and costly as well. As is the case with most renovations in Calgary, you are first required to submit floor plans before proceeding further. You also have to make sure that you have adequate qualifications under your belt. For more information on what those qualifications entail and how much you will be expected to pay, we encourage you to visit the official website of the city of Calgary. You can find the requirements for the application here.

With that being said, you only ever need to purchase a permit if you are planning on developing your basement by yourself. In the event that you choose not to do so and instead hire a Calgary basement development company of the likes of PLANit Builders, then you will not have to worry about the development permit as the company will take care of it for you.

Many people decide to go this way since hiring a basement development company saves them a lot of trouble (and money) down the road. If you are new to the world of basement remodeling then we highly recommend that you do not put your finances at risk by choosing to remodel your basement without the help of professionals. Many companies in Calgary would be more than happy to lend you a hand, among them PLANit Builders.

Calgary Basement Development Financing Options — Do They Exist?

PictureIn today’s world, money is what makes the world go round. It’s quite natural, therefore, to be careful when it comes to spending it.

But here’s the thing: There are some people out there in Calgary whose wish is to develop their basement but who are unable to do so because they lack money. It doesn’t matter if you are careful when it comes to spending money: If you don’t have enough of it to spend, then some things (like basement development) are out of your reach.

Or so you thought.

Enter PLANit Builders. If you are among those people who are unable to develop their basement because they lack the funds to do so, you will be happy to hear that PLANit Builders offer Calgary basement development financing options  to prospective clients.

Now you might think to yourself… “How do I become a prospective client?”

Well the answer is simple — if your wish is to work with us, then you become one.

Here at PLANit Builders we believe that everyone (regardless of their budget) should have access to the basement of their dream. We make this a reality by offering financing options to people like you. If you own your home, can afford low monthly payment rates and are currently employed, then we can approve you. It’s as simple as that.

By working in tandem with several lenders we are ultimately able to approve 90% of our clients. What prevents you from being among them?

Why Should You Care About Developing Your Basement?

PictureWhen people hear about Calgary basement development, they often wonder why they should care about it. What could spending thousands of dollars on their basement possibly bring them?

Obviously, this is a good question since (and we have never hidden this fact), developing a basement is a rather expensive investment. But as we have said plenty of times in the past, it’s an investment that has the potential to last a lifetime and which is worth every penny.

Okay, we might be a bit biased, but if we are… so are thousands of Canadians who have developed their basement and loved every minute of it!

Here’s the thing: A basement doesn’t have to be a basement. It can be ANYTHING that you want it to be, from a bedroom to an office to even an in-home gym! As long as you can dream it, you can build it. (Or well… your Calgary basement development company can build it.)

Think about it for a moment. Think about the sheer size of your basement, and how much of this incredible space is wasted. If you are like most people, chances are that you use your basement to store things. Or maybe you don’t even use it at all.

Well developing your basement could turn that incredible space into something that you could finally make good use of. And the (other) good news? It would increase the resale value of your house dramatically as well.

From our perspective, it’s a win-win scenario. What about yours?

How Can You Save Money While Developing Your Basement?

PictureLet’s be honest — the term “Calgary basement development” sound expensive, doesn’t it?

That’s because it is.

But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be THAT expensive. With enough planning and a bit of knowledge of the industry, there are many ways for you to save money while developing your Calgary basement. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Hire the right Calgary basement development company. You weren’t really thinking of developing your basement by yourself, were you? At least we hope you weren’t. You will find that hiring the right basement development company has the potential to save you both money AND time — two things that are extremely precious in today’s society. Calgary companies like PLANit Builders employ the best designers and contractors. They know how to complete a project in a timely and efficient manner. What’s more, they have plenty of experience under their belts. There is no reason why you shouldn’t make use of that!

2. Plan wisely. And know what you want in advance. If you don’t know what kind of basement you want to build, then working within the confine of your budget will be difficult. Set up a budget and stick to it. You’ll see — it makes things a thousand times easier.

3. Hire a company that offers financing options. This might only make you save money in the short term, but financing options are often what drives people to remodel their basement in the first place. Make use of those financing options wisely and you’ll see — in no time you’ll have a brand new basement to call your own! :-)

How PLANit Builders Makes the Process of Developing Your Basement Easier Than Ever


Basement development is usually considered a pretty difficult and complicated task. But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

In Calgary, basement development is quickly gaining in popularity. This is not surprising — basement development offers countless opportunities. After all, who ever said that basements had to be just that… basements?

But as is often the case with renovations, it doesn’t take long for them to go over your head. As we have said before, sometimes it’s better to leave it to professionals.

Enter PLANit Builders. For years now we have been offering quality Calgary basement development services to the residents of this city and surrounding areas. Not only do we hire the best contractors out there — we also make sure to listen to our customers, something which is often overlooked in the industry. Unlike some other companies in the city, we care about our customers more than we care about their money and it clearly reflects in the way we handle projects.

Not only can we build the basement of your dreams — we can also simplify the entire process. Our contractors have years of experience under their belts. They will listen to you as you tell them exactly what you want. They will advice you as well, if needed. And of course they will work with you to create the basement that you have always wanted, making sure to treat your house and your family with the utmost respect in the process.

Still not convinced that PLANit Builders is for you? Why don’t we have a little chat then? You can always drop us a line if you wish or even request your free in-home quote. We’ll be sure to contact you shortly!

Calgary Basement Development Financing — Is It For You?

gloved hand

Renovating your basement is not something that happens overnight. In-between finding the perfect Calgary basement development company you also have to try and figure out a budget that you can work around with. Sometimes, however, it’s easier said than done.

But not always.

Money is what makes the world go round. Have you ever heard this expression? Well it turns out that it’s true. Because money is what makes the world go round, it would make sense that people are extra careful when it comes to spending it. Not everyone is ready to spend thousands of dollars on their basement. If they are, good on them! But if they aren’t, or if they can’t, then who said that those people shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy a newly renovated basement anyway?

If you live in the Calgary or Edmonton area and would like to renovate your basement but your finances don’t allow for it at this point, PLANit Builders can help you. We are professional company offering basement development services to residents of Calgary and Edmonton. We believe that everyone, regardless of their budget, should be able to experience the joy of a newly renovated basement… including you.

If you are interested, we encourage you to spend some time reading about our Calgary basement development financing options. You will find that as long as you are employed, own your house and can afford low monthly payments, then you are automatically eligible to apply for one of these options. We are able to approve over 90% of our clients… so why don’t you give it a try?

Is Calgary Basement Development Just a “Trend”?

PictureWhen a person is considering whether developing their basement is worth it or not, there are a few things that they should take into consideration. For some people, thinking of Calgary basement development as only a “trend” seems to be a deal breaker. Let’s take a look at the exact definition of “trend” before going any further.

a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

People seem to think that trends are born only to die a few months (or sometimes) years later without leaving anything behind. This is false. By examining the definition of this word, you quickly come to realize that a trend is the beginning of something new. It leads to changes.

Basement development is not just a trend. It will never die off — it will only continue to develop even further. Why would something as useful as basement development ever cease to exist? People will always want and continue to remodel their basements. Basement development might be popular lately — especially in Calgary — but that doesn’t mean that it won’t continue to be so.

Furthermore, describing basement development as a trend does not take away its usefulness in any away. And if for some reason or another it were to die off in the future, this fact still would not take away its usefulness either.

Do you see what we are trying to say?

Basement development is amazing. It leads to countless opportunities. If you can afford to invest both time and money into your basement, then what exactly is stopping you?

What Do You Want To Do With Your Calgary Basement?

basementrenovationsCalgaryBasements are traditionally cold, dark and moldy. This is a commonly accepted fact in our world today. Because basements are traditionally cold, dark and moldy few people want to associate with them. We would like to change this.

Not only do we want to change the attitude of people towards basements — we also want to change basements. And this is what we do. For years now we have turned cold, dark and moldy basements in the Calgary and Edmonton areas into modern, beautiful and useful basements.

Will yours be next?

As a Calgary basement development company, PLANit Builders prides itself in the quality of service it offers to the people of Alberta. It is our constant dedication and our love for basement development that have allowed us to remain ahead of our competitors all those years.

This is also why we would like to ask you today: What do you want to do with your basement?

Would you like to leave it as it is? Or would you like to turn it into the basement of your dreams? It doesn’t matter if the basement of your dreams is an in-home office or a bar or even a gym. If you can dream it, we can build it. It’s as simple as that.

Basement development provides you with countless opportunities. It is up to you to decide what would benefit you the most. Plenty of basement remodelling ideas can be found online if you have never wanted to turn your basement into anything in particular. :-)

You can also always turn to us for advice!