How to Rid Your Basement of the Musty Smell


Are you tired of the damp, musty smell permeating your basement? You probably are not alone.

The truth is that getting rid of that smell has the potential to be more complicated than you’d like it to be. Every basement is different, and as such it is impossible to find a solution that works for everyone. It then becomes your responsibility to try and find the source of the smell.

Fortunately for you, finding the source of the smell is not that difficult. In most cases, you can link the smell to mildew, a type of fungus that feeds off the warm and humid areas of your basement. If your basement is humid, then chances are you can find mildew growing on your basement walls, tiles or even crawl spaces. How much of it you can find will depend on the severity of your situation.

After figuring the source of the smell, the next thing that you will have to do is rid your basement of mildew. If the latter has spread on objects, throwing them away might be the best idea. Furnitures and carpets should be taken outside when the sun is out and left to dry. Keep in mind that sometimes it is nearly impossible to rid objects, furnitures and especially clothes of the musty smell.

The next step includes giving your entire basement a thorough cleaning. Here is a tutorial on how to remove mildew. If your basement suffers from a severe case of mildew (or mold) we recommend calling on the help of professionals. The faster you are at noticing it, the easier (and quicker) the cleaning will be.

Following the cleaning of your basement, always ensure that the later is properly ventilated. You can do that by keeping the windows and basement doors open as well as installing a a fan and running it regularly. Make sure that the initial cause of mildew is taken care of. In other words, if your basement is too humid, install a dehumidifier. If leaks can be found along the foundation of your basement, fix them.

Keeping a basement clean and mildew-free is often the first step in ridding it of the musty smell.

How to Choose the Perfect Basement Development Company


Has the idea of developing your basement piqued your interest? While it might sound like a good idea at first (and it is most of the time), it is still wise to know what you are getting yourself into beforehand. Naturally, the first thing that you will have to do is choose the right basement development company to work with.

If you think about it for a moment, remodelling your basement is a big investment. Not only does it have the potential to increase the resale value of your home dramatically: It also has the potential to affect your life and that of your family for many, many years to come. Whether the finished product ends up affecting you for the better or for the worse will depend mostly on the basement development company in charge of remodelling your basement.

(Not to mention the numerous things that could go wrong during the remodelling process.)

So how do you know which company to choose? Quite simply, it all depends on how well you do your research. Always listen to the opinion of other people: Companies can lie but customers do not. Many websites online offer people the opportunity to leave reviews detailing their experience with basement development companies. Learn to sift through the good and the bad companies by relying on those reviews.

There are a few questions that you should always ask a prospective company as well. For one, you should educate yourself on what kind of qualifications a good company should have and ensure that they have such qualifications. Remember that the more questions you ask, the better. There should be a good amount of trust between you and the company and it should reflect in the way they engage you as a customer. If you want, don’t be shy to ask for references.

Finally, don’t settle on the first good company that you find. Keep searching and searching until you are certain that the one you have chosen will be able to make your dream basement come to life.

PLANiT Builders – Calgary’s #1 Basement Development Company…

Owned and operated by two experienced shareholders who work at the coal face themselves, Sonny Belanger and Mike Huber, PLANiT Builders set out from day one in March 2008 to excel in just two things – basement development and garage building.

Rather than be all things to all men, the two co-founders realized that they could draw on their vast experience to offer homeowners award-winning expertise in these two areas and produce workmanship that would be superior to anything else available.

This has proved to be a winning concept since PLANiT Builders visits over 1,000 homes every year making the most of the client’s space with a professional approach to design, development and building that is second to none.

With a no nonsense attitude the team at PLANiT Builders work in cohesion to get the job done on time, every time, ensuring that every client gets maximum value with a top quality finish.

The design director has over twelve years direct experience in design and permitting, while the estimator has similar credentials in the fields of project costing and management, and direct construction experience. The construction team has 35 years of direct experience and/or project experience. Even the accounting staff and customer care team have a minimum of three years in the industry.

When you need a basement developed or a garage built it just makes sense to come to the people who specialize in that area rather than to use a company which may be jack of all trades and master of none.

At PLANiT Builders we KNOW basements and garages like the backs of our own hands. We live and breathe them every working day of our lives – it’s what we do.

If you want a basement or garage built with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of expertise, knowing that it will be finished on time and the site left clean and tidy, the team at PLANiT Builders is the team you need.