Calgary Basement Development Financing Options: What You Need to Know

signing-the-contract-1512122-1279x917Let’s be honest: Developing your basement in 2015 (soon to be 2016) can be expensive. When hiring a company in Calgary, not only are you paying for the materials that you need — you are also paying for services that you receive. Of course our goal is not to discourage you. Basement development in Calgary is popular for a reason (and only keeps getting more popular as time passes). Plenty of people are able to renovate their basements as well. So what prevents you from being among them?

But here’s the thing: You would be surprised at how many of these people mentioned above would have been able to afford developing their basement had they not decided to apply for a financing option.

So now our question really applies… what prevents you from being among them?

If you are considering applying for a financing option, here are 2 things that you need to know about it:

  1. Not every company offers them, and that’s okay. In Calgary, you will soon come to realize that many basement development companies are willing to offer you financing help. You will also come to realize that many are not. What that means for you, as a customer, is that you should first and foremost try to sift between the companies that offer them and the ones that don’t. Remember that you have plenty of options to choose from so don’t be afraid of getting a good headstart!
  2. PLANit Builders offers financing options… and we are able to approve 95% of our clients. Yes, you read that right. Ultimately we are able to approve 95% of our clients. If you own a house, are currently employed and can afford low monthly payments, then take a look at our website to learn more about the Calgary basement development financing options that we offer.