Basement Developers – Carefully Choosing The Right Development Company In Calgary

If you are considering having your basement developed it is as well to give serious thought to ensuring that you employ the right developer for you.

You need a company that is going to do the job in a professional manner, has the experience and qualifications to do so, will finish the work on time, won’t leave the site in a mess, and will give you a guarantee.

You should choose a company registered with the Canadian Home Builders Association which means that it is well established. A Better Business Bureau accreditation is also a good thing since all BBB businesses have a set dispute system that they follow if there is any complaint.

Your developer should also have both a provincial and city license. In addition, ask to see their insurance certificate and ensure they have Workers Compensation. If they don’t, and anything should go wrong, the onus may well be on you as the employer to make reparation.

Of course, if you know of friends or neighbours who have had their basement remodeled they may well be able to recommend a company – or even advise you to steer clear if they have had a bad experience. If not, ensure that you ask for testimonials. Any good basement developer will have – and be more than delighted to show you – testimonials from satisfied clients.

It is also worth while to ask how much experience they have of basements. Many companies are general builders and may not have the experience you need.

Ask if they obtain all the necessary permits and whether or not they have a connection with a source of funding for your project. A good developer will most likely be able to point you in the direction of a financial institution which can help.

Finally, check their guarantees and make sure that you read the contract before you sign it. You don’t want to find that you get landed with extra charges at the last moment for problems that have arisen and were not included in the initial budget.