4 Basement Heating Options to Consider


If there is a trait that seems to be universal to basements, it’s coldness. Basements, however, do not have to be cold. (They do not have to be dark and moldy either, but that’s clearly another story.) If your basement belongs in that unfortunate category, don’t sweat it too much. (Pun intended.) With the help of technology, it has now become easier than ever to enjoy a warm basement.

So without further ado, here are 4 basement heating options that you might want to consider:

1. Electric Heaters

If you like simple, effective and inexpensive options, then we definitely encourage you to install an electric heater in your basement. However, it is good to remember that electric heaters are generally used to heat larger basements. Electric heaters are safe and free from harmfull emissions.

2. Radiant Space Heaters

Along with electric heaters, radiant space heaters are commonly used in basements. However, unlike electric heaters they warm up the basement by heating up the floors from below. While this type of heater has many positive sides (it is clean, soundless and efficient), it also has its downsides. For one, it is quite expensive and difficult to install. If those are two things that don’t bother you, then we definitely recommend that you look deeper into this option.

3. Ceramic Heaters

This option is ideal if you are worrying about your budget. Ceremic heaters operate on electricity and are among the cheapest available on the market today. How they work is fairly simple: A fan that can be found on the inside pushes the air created by a ceramic heating element. They are ideal for smaller areas, but they can be bought and customized to fit your basement.

4. Baseboard Heaters

Along with many other types of heaters, basement heaters also operate on electricity. Easy to use, safe and efficient, they heat the cold air at floor level (where they are installed). The air then rises up and warms the area. Basement heaters come in many different sizes, allowing you to configure them as you wish.